Mosamic documentation

Install Mosamic


Mosamic is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1.
To install Mosamic on Windows, follow these steps:
  • Go to
  • Click on the button "Download" in the Windows section: it will download the last version of Mosamic
  • Save the installation program on your computer
  • Run the installation program

Mac OS X

Mosamic is available for Mac OS X (from 10.6).
To install Mosamic, you can simply open the Mac App Store application and search for "Mosamic", or open this page:


  • Create a new mosaic: click on this button to open the mosaic creation wizard
    Mosamic main window: mosaic creation button
  • Tiles library: click on this button to open the tiles library window
    Mosamic main window: tiles library button
  • About Mosamic: click on this button to get more information about Mosamic
    Mosamic main window: about button
  • Quit: click on this button to quit Mosamic
    Mosamic main window: quit button

Mosaic creation

Mosaic creation assistant:
Mosamic: mosaic creation assistant
  • Select the source image to create a mosaic from
    Mosamic: mosaic creation assistant
  • Select the mosaic type:
    • Photo mosaic
    • Colour mosaic
    Mosamic: mosaic creation assistant
  • Select the mosaic options:
    • Number of tiles
    • Advanced settings
    Mosamic: mosaic creation assistant
  • For photo mosaic only, select the tiles to be used
    Mosamic: mosaic creation assistant
  • Launch the mosaic creation
  • Open the result:
    • Save the result file
    • Zoom
    • Go back to change some settings and try again
    Mosamic: mosaic creation assistant

Tiles library

In order to create photo mosaics, you have to import at least one collection of photos that will be used as tiles. This is what the tiles library is for.
A collection of photos is a set of photographs, imported from your computer or from Internet sources (for now, Flickr public search only).
You can add as many collections as you want.
Mosamic: tiles library

Local collection

A local collection is a collection containing photos from your computer.
To create a new local collection:
  • Click on the "Import photos" button
  • Select a folder containing the photos you want to import
  • Wait until the photos are imported

Flickr collection

A Flickr collection is a collection of photos imported from a public search on Flickr.
To create a new Flickr collection:
  • Click on the "Import Flickr photos"
  • Write a keyword for the search (for example, if you want to import cats photos, just type "cat" in the search field) and the number of photos to import
  • Wait until the photos are imported

Advanced settings

Mosamic: advanced settings 1 Mosamic: advanced settings 2 Mosamic: advanced settings 3